• Rose M Bresolin

Social Distancing - Birds Do It

As global leaders move to readjust trajectories in response to Covid-19, countries are scurrying to share out information as it’s being collected. As to supplies and tools, the covenant seems to be that each country keep only what is needed and pass along the rest. At the individual level, we’re being asked to do much the same.

In drawing from the well of hope once had in youth, we may remember how we looked to the adults to lead the way. Whether that hope for us was realized or not, we now are the adults; the ones entrusted to be stewards of a world united under threat.

As more countries pool resources to support their citizens during a critical period, we can’t think it is too much in being asked to act responsibly with one another.

In a Canadian ad to drive home the importance of proper hygiene, young children are heard singing the well known tune of happy birthday while washing their hands. Intended as companion for the time required, the gesture will hopefully have a lasting impression. It’s in communicating messages for the way we do things, such as in this example, that communities were built and sustained.

In response to being asked to step away from how we've normally done things, we have the opportunity to spend a little time reflecting.

If after saving our global village together, we decide to continue sharing what we know, and offering what we can, we could come to know each other better, and ultimately arrive at a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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