• Rose M Bresolin

The Answer is Written In...

Having learned early that her parents were not to be counted on, Sonia turns her attention skyward; the stars of sleepless nights in particular.

A search for a more tangible sense of self in her late teens takes her to a distant convent. Her studies there being framed in a context of religion, it temporarily puts an end to her questioning. However, when in the guarded archives she uncovers the history of her religion to be no less harrowing than others, the hypocrisy behind the convent gates becomes less tolerable. Her inquiry into God and wanting to know her place inside the Great Design resurface with a vengeace.

A return to the not -so- green fields of home happens in stages and plays out on different continents. While Sonia’s hunger to look for any signs she might have missed increases, it's oddly kept in check by a fear of actually running up against the, until then illusive it, at the source of all things.

Caught up in the excitement of another’s vision still later, she lets herself be taken up into a world found deep inside a pilot’s eyes,welcomely different from her own. But another’s view can only be truly adopted if it becomes our own.

That she points her search outward to find gold inside, is part of her dilemna. Perhaps the point of the stars the night in question is to shed more light on the precise trajectory she is on. By circling her in to a closer attention of it, she finds that missed step forward she had asked for. Thus, the answers she searched outside for, were right there. And, the umbilical cord of trust had she looked to loop around another, was returned into her hands.

And here we are, today, a global unit, each of us questioning what has brought our planet to the state of panic that it's in, and who might be held to account. …Just maybe, at least in part, we can only know what’s to do be done outside of us by turning one eye in and re-turning with the wisdom waiting there...

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