• Rose M Bresolin

The Clarion Call

With major losses such as the death of a loved one as is the case with the untimely death of a young person in the story Advent, though deeply felt, the pain is personal and isolating. The learning in the suffering often limited to the one whose life is immediately affected, or so it’s thought initially by the mother Sonia, of the novel.

Here and Now, we’re in an atypical situation with an impact that’s posed immediate threat to all of us and our functioning environment at once. While we experience the invisible danger in different ways, the fact that it will in some way change our lives from the way we lived before, is undeniable.

We’ve all learned something, and whether or not we will remember and apply that, the choice remains with us. Small discoveries such as the way that we use space will ripple with their impact on our economy. Some have learned that they like working from home or, in being anchored to that personal space, are forced to deal with issues there neglected. And that our indifference to another reality no longer serves us, many have become more aware of the existing larger connection, the interdependence we share as a species.

As to whether in the return of relative control over our environment our sight shrinks back into the way things were before, or continues on in the wider knowing and we accept the responsibility that comes with that, is left with each of us.

What's become more pressing is our recognizition that us means all of us. Until we're willing to do that, the fear that’s kept us joined in the pandemic will not recede when the condition does. Inherent in the splitting off again from others, whether it's in reserving something for oneself ( an opportunity, a recognition as a right of passage, a position…), a private act we think has gone unnoticed, or perhaps recover to a Midas hoarding from a sense of our entitlement, the fear will grow. Lots of ways to soothe away the guilt that's masked by pride in that insanity. But the awareness throughout the crisis was there for all of us and the added fear that comes of realizing the effect we have on one another will necessitate a stronger fortress to guard the riches we pile up, apparent and thought hidden.

Electrostatic sprayers can fight back the germs of those whose living circumstance holds precious little room for distancing or to support required sanitation. And, close our eyes, we can all safely take up where we left off. Or can we?

Whether we see it or not, and despite that the prevailing hit to education can separate us further, the pandemic has been an equalizer. It's been the clarion call to urgency for seeing that in our health and our survival as a species, we depend on one another.

We can have our hearing checked, but the testing cannot tell us if we listen well. To be able to hear that what we want and what we need are one and the same for everyone is to be able to see. Given the situation our planet is now in, (though cruel), a common circumstance that draws us to our basic fears can also prove the catalyst to have us see. Not rocket science to know that to ask for something that is good for all can keep us working together.

Perhaps we’re listening now, and, as though magically, we understand something heard so many times before, and didn’t fully grasp. A truth that’s sewn into the very fabric that is all of us.

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Rose Bresolin

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