• Rose M Bresolin

The Food of Love

Michael, (in Advent) was forever searching for something new or somewhere different for surprising Sonia. He loved how she could turn whatever he came up with into an adventure. The sparkle it brought out in her eyes made him feel intensely more alive.

Surprises were a way of Michael’s that Sonia came to value and was clearly taken by.

But an act or word of kindness by him, something she came to count on in the daily grind, never stopped feeling new; and it never failed to take Sonia to a place that made her entire being light up.

And then of course there was the celebratory martini and the toast that followed. Or was it scotch? And the knowing smile.

In the incredible depth of feelings Sonia had for her children, she knew well the meaning of a love that didn’t waver. But in the world of men, she had been reluctant to entertain even close to that level of caring. It was in the gradual shift to look at Michael more through her heart and less with her mind that the risk in loving him dissolved.

An excerpt that’s remained on my website throughout a period of immersion in the work with Spencer Magazine can still bring on a smile. It would seem to be appropriate for re-sharing, on the day that we call Valentine.

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Rose Bresolin

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