• Rose M Bresolin

The Gift of 20/20 Vision

At Christmas in the novel Advent, we find little Sonia anticipating a visit from La Befana. A time when life inside their house is less chaotic; the siblings anxiously await the sound of shimmering foils resounding as they make contact with the chimney wall.

Even after Sonia happened on the burlap sack that held the tiny parcels, and learned that it was grandfather who filled it, the memories did not lose the warmth of their effect.

It made the writer in me think about what Sonia and I might put into that sack for sharing with our faithful readers. Made sense that it should be drawn from the rich experience I gained in the writing of the articles for Spencer Magazine during the interlude. While many stories open in Toronto, Canada, they are far reaching, and the reading can bring the world in closer to us all:

For those among us moved by the visual arts, there is the story of the celebrated young artist, Dan Mazzone, a Torontonian whose works have taken him to Art Basel and to Rome.

For those whose interest is captured by design, A Blueprint for Career Adventure takes us into the life of an amazing architect whose work began in Toronto and went on to place her in Asia.

To find out how to regain a healthy body after childbirth and for a variety of other professional services that support pelvic health, the article on Toronto’s PelvicTo Health Centre is a good bet. To quote owner/operator Angelique, ‘Even if (the information) is used just to learn about your own anatomy, I think that it has value.’

Proven to bring your best side forward, Salon Dew is right here in Yorkville. Maia and Craig are great artists in their own right, and you’ll find humour in their accounts of clients you may recognize.

Music lovers will enjoy the story of Sara Marie Barron; a budding musician from Michigan, with close ties to Canada; one to watch as she continues to make more great music.

The accounts of Canadian icon Dini Petty’s unusual life experience have led us to a broader story about women in aviation. Watch for the upcoming film Boundless. Written and directed by Kate Campbell, and starring Dini Petty, the full exciting account will be featured with the launching of the Spring issue.

For the daring fashion afficionados, check out the soul behind the soles. John Fluevog has been named as one of the world’s most innovative companies in the fashion industry. Employing 200 people worldwide and growing, his philanthropic reach is extended to numerous causes.

For those keen to participate in protecting our environment, or to simply learn more, check out What’s the Buzz? The search by Michele and Gregg of Circling Hawk Farm to expand their repertoire for running a bee operation took them to England. Their story has led to an exciting follow up and will be featured in the upcoming print.

To debunk the myth of the starving artist, we follow Christopher Morris in performance. His plays shown in Toronto, Montreal and other parts of Ontario, have gone on to Nunavut, the Republic of Georgia and Asia.

Plenty of other interesting articles on the Spencer website that I believe you’ll enjoy. I encourage you to check the site out for yourselves; reading with another can make it even more enjoyable. And I humbly suggest that you share the stories out in a season with potential to make our hearts more open and our minds more apt to welcome new ideas. May the New Year bring us each and all the gift of 20/20 vision. On behalf of Sonia and the gang on my website and for the magazine

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