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The Heroes in Our Own Backyards

As I opened a package that arrived via Canada Post ( one that in a period of Covid pressure, made the trip in record time), my eyes filled with the wonder and the awe of a child eager to take in every detail of a fairy tale wrapping around the 5 individual parcels contained in it. A happiness was triggered in me as I read the nametags ribboned over each, and I felt a great need to share out that joy. I also wanted to find a way to sing the praise of a someone who does things of the heart naturally, and often.

But what Heather would appreciate most is the help to achieve a wish that every child be made to feel the Superhero, especially during these most unusual times. Hence, that has become the impetus of this blog.

As I thought about how to approach that with my blog, I wasn’t sure how to stitch in Heather’s story with the novels or the children’s books. And as so with the stories, in putting the question out, the answer followed.

The novels Advent and Calvary are love stories, the love in passion and destruction, the love necessary in the reparation and rebuilding. At the Left Hand is also about love, and traces the dark tunnels of distortions in the irreparable tear when tragedy severs the troubled Lucia from the only love she knew, that of her sister.

And then there are the children’s books. What else could they be about but love and solving things together, cookies and all.

So, to begin with,the message below is what I wrote to my dear friend after receiving the packge; a love letter of sorts in thanks for its spirit-raising and inspiring contents:

Heather, the beautifully prepared parcel with the custom tailored Superhero Capes arrived from Uxbridge today. I’m at this very moment readying baby Ollie’s for posting to Michigan and will be meeting up with my sister-in-law from Woodbride to send to her grandkids Lucas and little Leo in Calgary. Another stop is to arrange the hand-off to a dear friend from Newmarket to gift to her grandchildren, little Teresa and her cousin Carmine.

And each to celebrate the reach and power of your Super Hero love! So, Heather,'this is your song*' in heartfelt thanks for the happy chain that you’ve set off! This world is now a better place, and “It’s for people like you that keep it turned on.”

*borrowed from the lyrics in This Is Your Song, by Elton John

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