• Rose M Bresolin

The Music of Our Energy

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

for Mari

To paraphrase Beethoven when asked about the drive behind an energy that gives birth to sound as moving and incredibly intense as his, ‘life has to be about more than trivia and happenstance connections.’

For Sonia of the Novels, life is about the energy behind every connection. To thrill to music is to melt a wall between us. ‘Show me,’ then, comes to mean ‘show me to me.’ Let me see my reflection in you. That is the saving grace; To be in a position to be freed to show thy true face is to give another permission to risk revealing theirs.

Sonia had been looking for the likes of a Roger Moore she’d happened on with schoolgirl eyes, in The Miracle. But, more like the Johnny Depp of The Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter was quick to find a way around her pretense at control. It was meant to be, children were waiting to be born. A miracle on its own.

And then came Michael: Two strangers, sitting at a bar, a view to one another blocked by Sonia’s friend on the stool between them. All waiting for a table in the dining area. But when Michael speaks, the sound of his voice finds its way to Sonia and sends her attention soaring inward. It’s in the music of his voice that she recognizes something of herself. And suddenly a sleeping part of her is sparked to life. Their energies take them to the other, and their story opens as a never ending one.

As Sonia goes on to write, she learns that the power to forge such deep connections runs beyond those forged in sound. Encouraged by each word as it’s spread out along the paper, she finds that words too can open to a magic that makes them into something grander. And since then, the energies combining and colliding in the stories written continue to burst new life from the elemental word. So much so, that Sonia is taking pause to let those diverse energies play and grow more freely in the Open.

In Sonia’s walk across the pages, she writes a strada that leads her to a conscious choice not to replay the mindless cruelty of her parents on her children. Intent to have the understanding hold up as a guide for them and the generations after, she creates a legacy ensuring that they never lose the sense of place that it has taken her a lifetime to arrive at.

Hence, while we all work through our own Advent of sorts, a world of new beginnings, do take special care to keep your eyes and ears open to the music in the steps you take among those out around us, and notice if it causes you to pause, even momentarily. Stay with that resonance awhile and be not surprised if a connection forges and inspires a new and ingenious form that plays you.

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