• Rose M Bresolin

The Stories That Connect Us

After the video of policemen entertaining citizens under quarantine from outside their homes hit the social media, it triggered a global wave of visits being made from a distance. Those police officers combined their musical talents to perform outside a large housing block. Since then there’s been an outpouring of creative ways for sending wishes within the reach of doors and balconies of those in isolation.

So, to continue on the road for finding ways to keep ourselves connected with those near and dear:

A mother proudly recounted the experience of her son and his girlfriend holding up on the other side of a small stream in view of her terrace to sing happy birthday to her. A birthday she’s not apt to soon forget.

A senior living alone communicated his experience of using FaceTime to play piano for his family. With the grand kids joining their parents in their off-key attempts to sing to the tunes he played, there was a lot of laughter generated. The fun experience touched them all and set off a lingering joy in the old man’s heart that he said would keep him warm long after the call had ended.

Another senior told of a virtual pajama night she is orchestrating for her little granddaughters, replete with popcorn. She wants to encourage them to talk about the changes they see happening around them and hopes to develop their accounts into a story they will want to keep. If I hear back, it’ll become part of an upcoming blog.

Other reports include families who have been using chats and video calls to enliven their contacts. Still others choose the basic conference call for the exchange of foresight and airing out ideas for how they might see and do things differently after the period of isolation.

I appreciate your sharing your experiences. Hopefully they will be added to a growing kit to help us through a journey that’s both sobering and equalizing. We ask that you continue to do so. It's stories like these that will sustain the well of hope that’s deeply needed at this time.


Rose Bresolin

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