• Rose M Bresolin

The Time on Our Hands

In a spirit of continued sharing,one family wrote in that even after digging up the board games, it remained a challenge not to withdraw into playing alone on their iPhones. It’s taking work to change the game they say, but it’s proving worth it.

Another family has brought back pencil and paper for tic tac toe and hangman’s bluff.

Those with a backyard are appreciating the time just to be in it. But even people in condos are finding simple ways to excite the air around them; scooping up siblings small enough to carry, adults tear across an open space and quickly double back. Initiated in surprise, the little ones burst through with laughter.

Those with the patience to start something new are testing their skill at chess or Sudoku. Some are using the time as an opportunity to take a course, or to choose some other new learning to build on, day by day. Things they only gave fleeting thought to before.

Another thing there wasn't time for was the shredding of piled up documents. The dull repetitive nature of the task can carry the mind off into things unresolved, and present as opportunity for mending relationships; old ones, or the ones in front of us.

Imagination given rein, whether by the change in cloud formations viewed from a balcony, or in wafting off the scent of Spring freshness in the yard or along a walk.

Cooking as chemistry; exploring it seems to be generating a greater appreciation and enthusiasm among us.

A brisk sitting-walk along a mat, arms playing out in various directions, is a fun way to work off the calories being collected. Or a spin on a stationary bike.

And here are some favorites for the end of day:

Pull up a yoga class on your screen. Try threading the needle, which is a yoga pose sometimes threaded into a series of steps in the sun salutation. The meditation could well open minds to ideas for re-threading futures.

Propped up against pillows when the house is quiet, some adults read to one another from a book they can hold, on one night, and play gin rummy on another.

Or just sip on gin, or wine, and talk. The point is that they talk.

We’re being told that alcohol is a good agent against the corona virus, that is, if we’re looking for permission. We have the time to savor. Drinking warm liquid is another powerful defense ; hot toddies then?


Rose Bresolin

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