• Rose M Bresolin

Tracking Our Warming Star

Follow the path of Sun at Sunset …it neither goes down nor goes to sleep; it’s us moving, as our planet rotates on its axis and then returns to bringing in the sun again. Our nearest Star shines always somewhere over earth.

We’re given images of the crescent moon securing the yawner in us on the mellow decent into deep sleep. Why not risk adventure instead?

Hitch a ride on a trailing beam of sun at sunset and be awestruck as its light falls over each and every part of earth.

I somehow think that little Lucia (At the Left Hand), waiting in the dark with bated breath for the rooster to crow in the sun, would have done precisely that rather than waiting for the sun’s return; if only it had dawned on her imagination.

So, in keeping with the gift of one small step at a time, as proposed in the blog on January 15, and to encourage the 2020 shift to make our planet better, I add this:

Imagine what the eyes of sun will look upon as the earth spins round its axis daily and makes the annual orbit around the sun. Then envision some small way to make the day it brings a little better for someone calling out and into our nearest star’s trajectory, to be heard. Perhaps your day will take on a brighter spin for the momentary shift in thought.

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