• Rose M Bresolin

Transmissions or Connections

A good friend shared that in his lifetime he has seen a shift in priorities from loving people and using things, to loving things and using people. Good food for thought as many of us struggle to make the time for friends and family to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

In the week or two leading up to the Thanksgiving Weekend, I found myself firing out texts to come up with a date for our family gathering. I realized afterwards, that with the amount of time I spent texting, I could have made a call to each and achieved results much more quickly; and the call would have come reasonably close to human contact.

I recall a scene on television several years ago; it was out of place at the time so it seemed bizarre:

A young woman was sitting up in bed, making lists and stressing out as she filled in her calendar. Seemed contradictory that even though her body was positioned to relax, her thoughts were running frantically across her mind.

And here it is, fast forward - both in Advent and in Calvary, the character Sonia, is found giving her mind free reign to stress her out in making what to the reader may seem as relatively simple decisions. Luckily, as her life progresses, she finds that if she just removes herself from the space, or takes a walk, however brief the time away, the action can restore her clarity of mind.

As in the choice for texting or to call, or better yet to meet up - to keep our minds and bodies moving in the same direction can keep us connected in our selves and give us the comfort of feeling a connection with others.

In humour then, will it be turkey or the ham?


Rose Bresolin

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