• Rose M Bresolin

Voices from Christmas Past

Do you remember when?

Miss Schultz is what I named the ‘jolly teacher’ above; a teacher who could see past colour, race and background to the innocence and hope in the kids looking up at her from their desks. She saw a star in each and everyone. Many of my teachers, like me, got it right some of the time, but Miss Schultz had the magic imbedded in her DNA.
Looking back at my Christmases Past, there was Miss Gleason in grade 2, Miss Hall in grade 4, and Sister Mary Frances in grade 8, all from Immaculate Conception School in Windsor, Ontario, and Miss Noble, my grade 10 German Language Teacher at Leaside Collegiate in Toronto.
Caught in the glow of flame as it inches higher up the chimney, I wonder now if those teachers will ever know the important difference they made. Perhaps this note of thanks will find its way to them. It might also get you to pause and think back to your early school years. You just might find your own way to acknowledge teachers who are giants in your past.
My Christmas Season wish is that our hearts be light throughout the Season of Love, and ripple out with joy to touch everyone around us. God Bless Us Everyone!
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