• Rose M Bresolin

What Stars May Say

Sonia of Advent thought that if only she could align herself with the stars of her birth, all would be right in her life. If you’ve ever wondered what marked the skies of your birth, you’ll find the story of Dini Petty quite interesting.

Today is Dini Petty’s birthday, and on this day in 1945, while planes of war were blasting over England, Dini was born. It may well have been the energy that was ignited by the terror around her that set the frequency of hers to be as remarkably high as it is. And, as you can learn for yourselves, that energy has not ceased to amaze and to inspire.

In testament to these observations, click on the link below to read, Dini Petty: A Birdseye View. And once you’re on the Spencer Magazine website, you might want to read another article, Spectacularly Boundless; a film written and directed by Kate Campbell. The role that Dini plays in it is both convincing and motivating. The film is set to make an important difference in the way we look at aviation, at ourselves, and at one another. I think that it’s also worth spending another moment with the exciting trailer for the upcoming miniseries.

There is a lot of negative energy being generated around us, and it makes it that much more challenging to be our best. This is a small step to give permission (as Kate says in the article) to anyone else thinking to take another small step, in a beginning to turn the energy back around. What you breathe out, I breathe in. There’s little doubt that we’re all connected. 2020 is still fresh with promise, one step a time.


Rose Bresolin

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