• Rose Bresolin

Don’t Walk So Quickly Father, or I Shall Become Lost - William Blake

Further along the Road from Calvary, we find Sonia’s first-born, Tristan, losing his temper with his son Jason. As Tristan continues to let his anger take the lead, Jason begins on the slippery slide away from family. Ultimately, he loses himself within the seedy world of drugs. It is in Tristan’s fevered search for his son that he comes to own his part in having pushed Jason into the shadows. As Tristan begins to imagine how incredibly vulnerable that leaves Jason, his search becomes more fevered. To separate from a vision of what his fear would bring, he rehearses what he'll say when he finds his son. With each prayer for another chance, Tristan makes a promise to himself that things will change in going forward. The excerpts newly added on the website, provide a glimpse of what the family comes away with after the horrifying experience of that night.

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